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Zarges Cases|Aluminum Cases

Aluminum Zarges cases and storage boxes from New World Case, inc. Located in Massachusetts and on the Rhode Island boarder.

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Custom Aluminum Foam Inserts Cases
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Custom Aluminum foam insert Cases. With CNC machine capabilities. Call us or e-mail us with your specifications and we can provide you with a quote. 508-278-5526 or
Custom Aluminum Laptop Cases
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Custom Aluminum Laptop Cases with or with out wheels.Let us know your laptop dimensions and what else you need in the case and we can quote your case.
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Zarges Cases|Aluminum Cases

Zarges storage boxes and shipping cases , with a shipping rate 300 ATA catagory.

Why Aluminum?

 Aluminum is light and highly robust:

The density of aluminum is only 0.094 to 0.101 lb/in³ (2.6 to 2.8 g/cm³). This is only approx. 1/3rd of the density of steel.

Despite its low weight aluminum is very strong.


Aluminum is impervious to water vapor:

Even under extremely long-term storage conditions, it is impossible for moisture to penetrate the material.

By means of welding it is possible to fabricate an aluminum case so that they are moisture tight.


Aluminum is not sensitive to impact and is very strong:

Although the surface may be dented as a result of impact, the impact energy is absorbed by the deformation to better protect the contents.


Aluminum is magnetically neutral:

Aluminum is free of ferromagnetism. This material characteristic can be of great significance for certain application areas.


Aluminum is impervious to extreme temperature fluctuations:

Within a temperature range of -238°F to + 302°F (-150 to +150 °C) the material characteristics remain constant.


Aluminum is fully recyclable:

Aluminum is one of the most highly recycled materials, and can be recycled over and over again.


Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and has a built-in defensive response:

On contact with oxygen the surface develops an oxide layer which reforms immediately if damage occurs.


Aluminum is resistant to UV radiation:

Long storage periods and usage under exposure to UV-radiation have no effects on this material.


Aluminum is hygienic & readily recontaminated:

The smooth non porous surface is easy to clean and emission-free. Aluminum cases are outstandingly well suited for areas

with demanding specifications in relation to hygiene. These properties make aluminum cases easy to decontaminate.


Aluminum is easily machinable:

All the most widely used machining processes - milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, welding, molding etc. can be used in conjunction

with aluminum and can be carried out a great deal more efficiently than is the case with other materials.


Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat:

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Aluminum rackmount cases for electronic installations are inherently shielded.