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Zarges Cases,Aluminum Cases|NewWorldCase

Zarges Aluminum Cases, Aluminum Shipping and storage cases, many sizes to choose from, Aluminum Military cases, Strong,water proof cases, many in stock ready to ship.

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Custom Aluminum Laptop Cases
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Custom Aluminum Laptop Cases with or with out wheels.Let us know your laptop dimensions and what else you need in the case and we can quote your case.
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Zarges Cases,Aluminum Cases|NewWorldCase

Zarges Cases are the leading Aluminum Case company.

Zarges Aluminum Cases are Lightweight and Highly Durable. Perfect for all your needs.

Great for shipping, storage, cold weather or hot weather! Stock Aluminum cases ready to ship.


 Why choose Aluminum?


 * Light and Robust- The Density of Aluminum is only .098lb/in³  (2.7 g/cm³). 1/3 the Density of steel yet remaining very strong.

  • Solid handles and latches
  • Zarges K 470 Cases Exceeding ATA-300 Specs
  • ZARGES K 470 Cases are the “Classics” among the many cases that ZARGES has
    designed. The multi-functional K 470 series was developed in the 1950s and has
    been continually improved since then.
  • Just recently, the K 470 Cases were tested successfully meeting or exceeding ATA
    300 Category I Specifications. The tests were performed by Dayton T. Brown, Inc.,
    Bohemia, NY.
  • ATA 300 (Category I) is a list of specifications for reusable containers issued by the
    Air Transport Association. Category I containers are to withstand at least 100 trips of
    normal airline cargo.
  • Drop Test: K 470 Cases containing a 40 pounds dummy weight were dropped 280
    times from a height of 30” respectively 36”. Thereafter, the closures and hinges
    were fully functional. The K 470 Cases could be opened and closed without any
  • Water Spray Test: K 470 Cases were tested against spray water of 4” for an hour
    Bounce Test: K 470 Cases containing a 40 pounds dummy weight were put on a
    jarring table for two hours.
    Stability: K 470 Cases also passed the Basic Design Shock Test and Compression
    Test with “flying colors.”
  • Why is this important to you? Every day, equipment, tools, gear and devices
    worth thousands of dollars are lost. They are stolen or damaged during
    transportation. ZARGES K 470 Cases protect your valuable content for many trips
    and against many forms of abuse:

  • • All-around beading and corner beading for reinforcement
    • Extremely strong spot welds guarantee no fissures, extremely durable
    • All-round seal incorporated in the lid protects against wear & tear,
    overloading and squashing
    • Stainless steel hinge strips riveted to prevent them for being ripped off
    • High performance flash butt welding ensures stability and torsional stiffness
    • Skid base for added base reinforcement at the larger K 470 Cases

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