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Shop Online > Custom Shipping Cases & Stock Cases > Jelco Lift Cases & White Board Cases > ELU-50R RotoLift™ Lift Case for 46" - 52" flat screen

ELU-50R RotoLift™ Lift Case for 46" - 52" flat screen

Jelco ELU RotoLift Case for 46" - 52" Flat screen Lift Case 

Lift case for 46"-52" flat screens  $3,100.00  

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 37" x 21" x 64"
  • Product Weight: 225 lbs
  • Fits 46"-52" monitors. Use our product cross reference to determine an accurate fit.
  • 1 year Limited Warranty on RotoLift Case, 5 year limited warranty on gas springs.
  • Availability: Typically ships in 2-4 business days

  • Rugged ATA Roto Lift shipping Case for rental applications or exhibit transport.
  • Monitor can be displayed in either portrait or landscape modes!
  • High impact ABS plastic over 3/8" wood frame with steel corners, aluminum trim.
  • Includes locking casters for ease of transport.
  • Foam interior specifically designed to protect plasma display while attached to shock-mounted gas lift.
  • Accessory area for brackets and cables for the ATA Lift Case.
  • Made In the USA
  • Easy Lift System
  • Quiet , quick and smooth
  • Contact us for quantity pricing   5-year warrentee

    1 year Limited Warranty on RotoLift Case, 5 year limited warranty on gas springs.

     Jelco ELU-50R Compatibility Chart for Monitors
    Akai Monitors
    BenQ Monitors
    Clarity Monitors
    Bay Cat X
    Electrograph Monitors
    Fujitsu Monitors
    AVIAMO P50FT00AUB, AVIAMO P50FT00AUB w/tuner box, P50XHA58EB
    Hitachi Monitors
    P50T501, P50V702, P50S602, P50H401, P50A402, P50A202, P50X902
    Hyundai Monitors
    Insignia Monitors
    JVC Monitors
    LT-46FH97, LT-46FN97
    LG Monitors
    50PM4M, 50PC5D, PPM 50M7H, 520DXN, 50PS80, 50PS60, 50PQ20, 42LC2D, 47LC7DF, 50PQ30, 47LB5D, 42PX8DC, 42PX7DC, 42PC3D, 50PC1DR
    Magnavox Monitors
    Marantz Monitors
    Maxent Monitors
    MX-5020HPM, MX-50HPT51, MX-50X5, MX-42HPM30
    Mitsubishi Monitors
    LT-52144, LT-52244, LT-52246, LT-52149, LT-52148, LT-52133, LT-46231, LT-46131, LDTV152, LDT521L, LDT521V
    NEC Monitors
    PlasmaSync 50XP10, PX-50XR6, PlasmaSync 50XR6, 50XM6, MultiSyncLCD5220-IT, LCD5220-AV, PlasmaSync 50XC10, M46
    NuVision Monitors
    47LCM1, Lucidium NVU52DCM
    Olevia Monitors
    542i, 742I, 342i, 247T FHD
    Panasonic Monitors
    TH-50PX80U, TH-50PH10UKA, TH-50PZ80U, TH-50PZ80Q, TH-50PZ700U, TH-50PZ850U, TH-50PH9UK, TH-50PH11UK, TH-50PZ80U, TH-50PF9UK, TH-50PF11UK, TH-50PF10UK, TH-50PF10UK, TH-46PZ800U, TH-42PF11UK w/Side Speakers, TC-P50X1, TC-P50G10, PX-4700, TH-50PZ800U, TH-50PH10UK
    Philips Monitors
    47PFL7432D-37, 50PFP5332D-37, 47PFL5432D-37, 42PF9731D-37, 47PFL7422D-37
    Pioneer Monitors
    PRO-101FD, PDP-5016HD, PRO-111FD, PDP-5080HD, PDP-507CMX, PDP-5020FD, PRO-1140HD
    Planar Monitors
    Bay Cat X (SN-4620-1080), PD520
    RCA Monitors
    Scenium L46WD250
    Runco Monitors
    PlasmaWall XP-50DHDxa, CinemaWall XP-50, CX-52HD, PlasmaWall XP-50DHD
    Samsung Monitors
    PN50A450, 520DX, 460PXn, PS50A410, PPM 50M6H, PN50A760, PN50A650, PN50A550, PN50A510, PN50A410, LN52A860, LN52A850, LN52A630, LN52A540, HP-S5053, LN-S4696D, LN-S4695D, LN-S4692D, LN-52A650, LN-52A550, HP-S5033, HP-T5064, HP-T5064, HP-T5054, HP-T5034, HP-S5073, LN-T4665F, PN50A530
    Sanyo Monitors
    DP52848, CE42LM4WPN-NA, DP46848
    Sharp Monitors
    LC-45D40U, PN-525UP, PN-S525, TL-M5200, PN-525U, LC-C5262U, LC-52SE94U, LC-52D64U, LC-52D43U, LC-46DU, LC-46D62U, AQUOS LC-46D92U, AQUOS LC-C5255U, PN-S525P, AQUOS LC-46D82U, AQUOS LC-40C45U, AQUOS LC-52BD80U, AQUOS LC-52D65U, AQUOS LC-52D85U, AQUOS LC-52D92U, AQUOS LC-52E77U, AQUOS LC-52SB55U, AQUOS LC-60C46U, AQUOS LC-46D43U
    Sony Monitors
    FWD-50PX2, FWD-50PX2B, FWD-50PX2S, KDL-46SL140, KDL-46XBR8, KDL-52V4100, KDL-52W4100, KDL-52WL140, FWD-50PX1, KDL-52XBR9, KDL-46XBR2, KDL-52XBR6, BRAVIA KDL-46V3000, BRAVIA KDL-52XBR7, KDL-52S4100, BRAVIA KDL-46S3000, BRAVIA KDL-46SL140-91, BRAVIA KDL-46SL140-93, BRAVIA KDL-46W3000, Bravia KDL-46XBR2, Bravia KDL-46XBR3, BRAVIA KDL-52S5100, BRAVIA KDL-52V5100, BRAVIA KDL-52W4100, BRAVIA KDL-46SL140-92
    Toshiba Monitors
    REGZA 52XV540U, REGZA 52RV535U, REGZA 52XV545U, 52XF550U, 52HL167, REGZA 47HL167
    Vidikron Monitors
    VP-5000, VP-5000a, VP-5000VHD, VP-5000VHDa, Dview VL-52
    Viewsonic Monitors
    N5230p, N4261w
    Vizio Monitors
    VP505XVT, VP505XVT, VP504F, VP503, GV47L, P50HDTV10A
    Westinghouse Monitors
    LTV-46w1 HD, LVM-47W1, TX-47F430S, TX-47F450S
    Zenith Monitors








    Total Cost: $3145.00