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Stock ATA Shipping Cases 14-402423 W/Caster Wheels


New World Case now offers Stock Heavy Duty ATA Shipping Cases and Light Duty cases in stock sizes.  All Shipping Cases below are manufactured in our HeavyDuty (1/4" ATA style), as specified.

Remember, our Stock Shipping Cases are a supplement to our custom cases for when you need a simple case - fast. If you don't see a size that will work for you, give us a call and we can custom design a case to fit your needs. Please note:  the 1/8" foam is carpet.  Available in Silver Gray only  Shipping Cases * Need assitance call us: 888-883-0107

 Stock ATA Shipping Cases with 4- Wheel Casters Wheels

Availibility: 3-5 business days
Construction: HeavyDuty (1/4" ATA style)
Features: Casters/ Wheels, 1 key locking latch & 1 regular latch, the lid is hinged, 3 small dish handles, with casters, lined with your choice of foam padding options.

Click Here for PDF for all Dimensions on all Stock ATA Shipping Cases.

Outside Dimensions: 41" x 25" x 24"   4- Wheel Casters Wheels

This Case Because it has to go frieght and not FEDEX or UPS there will be aditional $45.00 in shipping on top of the regular ship Estimate.

Interior Dimensions: Inside dims start at:40" x 24" x 23"

  • 14-402423-00 No Padding - BARE     40" x 24" x 23"

    14-402423-18 1/8" Fabric Lining -       39 3/4" x 23 3/4" x 22 3/4"

    14-402423-05 1/2" Foam Padding -     39" x 23" x 22"

    14-402423-10 1" Foam Padding -        38" x 22" x 21"

    14-402423-15 1-1/2" Foam Padding -  37" x 21" x 20"

    14-402423-20 2" Foam Padding -        36" x 20" x 19"

Part Number: Stock Case 14-402423

Note: The outside dimensions include the casters/ wheels. Depending on the amount of foam the case weight is about 61 Lbs.

 Click Here for PDF for all Dimensions on all Stock ATA Shipping Cases.


Total Cost: $616.00 - $816.00
Foam Padding