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Rack Case Quote

Every question listed below must be answered to allow us to help you properly.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 883-0107 and we will help you design or pick out the case you need!

As all New World Case, Inc. cases are custom made, we are able to manufacture your rack to your specific needs.  Custom specifications range from:

  1. Number of rack spaces. (The E.I.A. has set the spacing of rack units at 1 space = 1-3/4")
  2. Distance the rack rails are recessed into the center section of the case (This is determined by whether the equipment to be mounted into the case contains handles, knobs, switches, cables, etc. along its front or rear panel, and whether you want these protrusions to be flush with the center section of the case, recessed inside the center section, or extend out from the center section and into the lid.)
  3. Depth of center section (Once you have determined the distance the rails will be recessed into the center section of the case, the depth of the center section is determined by the depth of the equipment to be mounted into the case and added to the recess of the front rails [and rear rails if applicable].)
  4. Lid depths (The lid depths are determined by the distance in which the protrusions of your equipment will extend into one or both of the lids, if any.) The min. lid depth is 2-1/4" )inside dimension) not including foam.
  5. see note D
  6. Number of handles and their placement (This will depend upon the weight of your equipment and size of the case.  We recommend handles on the lids of larger cases.)
  7. Left to right dimension if your equipment is not E.I.A. width. (The E.I.A. has set the standard for rackmount width at 19"(18-5/16" from hole to center hole.)

(If your equipment is not standard E.I.A. width, we can install shelves for your equipment to rest upon and then secure your equipment from moving with shock absorbing foam.)

1. What style of rackmount case do you need?
(Double Cover Rackmount, Double Cover Shockmount, or Rack In a Case)?
2. How many rack spaces do you need? (A)
3. What distance do you need the rails recessed into the center section? (B)
4. How much distance do you need behind the rails?
5. What depth do you need the center section to be? (C)
6. What lid depths do you need? (D&E)  
7. How many handles do you need on the case? (F)
  Do you need handles on the lids? yes no
  If yes, how many?
8. Is your equipment rackmountable? yes no


1. Do you need rear rails? yes no
  If yes, what distance do you need the rear rails recessed into the center section of the case? (B)
  What distance do you need between front and rear rails?
2. Do you need drawers? yes no
  Shelves? yes no
3. Do you need table legs? (Available in larger double cover Shockmount cases only - table legs are mounted into one or both lids to form a table.) yes no
4. Do you need casters? (With the caster option, a 3/4" birch casterboard painted black is included.) yes no
5. Do you need a keylock? (Double cover rackmount cases need at least 4 keylocks.) yes no

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