Buckles and Strap Cases

Buckles and Strap Cases made to fit your particular needs. These cases are recommended for transporting your equipment under your own supervision via car, van, or corporate truck or plane.

Many Uses:

  • Great for Tradeshow Graphics, Signage, Portfolios, Costumes, Banner Stand Cases, Supplies Cases, Flat Panel Display Cases.
  • Full telescoping lid allows for a range of flexibility in height.
  • With the addition of our tilt wheels and extension handle options, transportation is made easier.

Buckle and Strap Case Specifications:

Each case is constructed of high impact .098 ABS plastic, stamped zinc-plated steel corners, nylon straps and spring loaded cushioned handles for easy and comfortable carrying. When your case is lined with any of our various thicknesses and densities of foam padding, your investment will be protected.

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Buckles & Strap Cases any size or quantity, tell us what you need or call for help.

  • Foam Interior
  • Tilt wheels and pull out handle option
  • Buckles and straps
  • Flatt Steel corners
  • Spring loaded Handles