Plasma Display Cases

The Compact

This case was developed for companies who do not need the complete protection The Full-Size offers; that is, companies who need a smaller, lighter, less protective, and less expensive case. This case is designed to hold the monitor and a couple of cables only. (It does not accommodate speakers, stands, etc.) Audio Visual companies will find that you can line 6 of these cases in a 90" wide truck.

The construction of The Compact is comprised of the same materials as The Full Size: 3/8" side wall, recessed handles and spring-loaded twist-lock latches, stamped nickel-plated large flat corners, keylocks and 4" locking casters.

The outside dimensions of this case are:

  • 42" version (37"-42" displays): 50(L) X 40(H) X 14(W) Weight: 95lbs.
  • 50" version (50" displays): 60(L) X 48(H) X 16(W) Weight: 140lbs.

This view shows the case with the lid removed. Each case is lined with a minimum of 4" of ester foam except for the bottom, which is comprised of a minimum 5" "sandwich" of ester foam, wood, and ozite carpet.

Optional 8” Aluminum kick around the whole bottom of the case for added protection from fork trucks (Not guaranteed but will help).

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