Custom Ramp Cases

We have been building Custom Cases for over 30 Years. In that time we have constructed many Ramp Cases for many applications.

Our custom cases are made with ABS Plastic and with plywood. They have an aluminum valance on all sides and can come with flat or ball corners and heavy duty caster wheels.

With our ramp cases you make it easy to remove equipment without damage. Let us know what your requirements and we can quote the case for you. We can send you drawings of the case you've proposed. And then get your approval of the design and cost before we begin to manufacture your custom case.

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New World Case, Inc will work with you to produce the best case solution to suit your needs and protect your equipment.

Heavy Duty Case Specifications

Heavy duty cases are constructed of only the finest, most durable materials, including polyester & polyethylene foam, our own dustproof aluminum valance, continuous piano hinge, nickel-plated steel corners, latches & handles, and the very finest industrial-grade adhesives.

Heavy duty cases are ATA style and are designed to protect items that must be shipped under the most severe conditions. Heavy duty cases provide maximum protection.

  1. 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" plywood sidewall
  2. Nickel-plated steel valance reinforcement
  3. .040 ABS outer surface
  4. Dustproof, extruded aluminum interlocking valance
  5. Recessed, spring-loaded, twist-lock latch
  6. Nickel-plated steel split rivets
  7. Stainless steel blind rivets
  8. Shock-absorbing polyester and/or polyethylene foam interior
  9. Stamped, 14 gauge nickel-plated steel corner protection
  10. .060 extruded aluminum double-channel edge protection

Custom Case Options